Private workshop weekend


Private workshop weekend. 12h teaching, accomodation and meals in the beautiful location ”Kurjennokka” Billnäs. Book a private weekend with Saara and Jarno Kantanen. In the workshop the teachers will share all the knowledge about shibari and kinbaku they have. We will practise technique, bodyhandling communication and emotional part of kinbaku. We will start from the…


About the teachers

Saara Kantanen is an artist, performer, shibari practioner and teacher from Finland. She lives in the countryside with her family and animals like the wild viking woman.

Shibari has become a way of life and a passion for her. She’s been working several years shibari as her main job. She organizes popular workshops in her farm and many places in Europe: selftying, weekend workshops for couples and private sessions and tuitions. Saara will participate in several events this year both in Finland and abroad.

Saara thinks it’s more important to share the energy and exchange the feelings than learn the most complicated patterns. She creates the open and safe space where the model is the empty canvas to paint. All the feelings and emotions are allowed. Safety comes when there is connection, and connection comes when there is the trust. Saara gives herself to the models, for them to feel more.

Jarno Kantanen has been working 25 years as a tattoo artist. He specializes in Japanese tattooing but also in Japanese culture, art and mythology. Shibari is a natural continuation of his aesthetic exploration.

Jarno’s style is simple and beautiful but the most important thing for him is to create the connection, leading the partner to the different emotions both sexual and healing. For Jarno, the role of a rigger -the one who tie is natural. He gives his masculinity to the session and takes control. As being fully present, he creates the safe space to relax and feel the whole range of emotions.

Saara and Jarno has been living together as a couple for 18 years. During the different periods of the long relationship, shibari connects them constantly to the new levels of being together.


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